Best Setters in Volleyball: Meet the Masterminds

Best Setters in Volleyball

Forget the spikers for a second (I know, it’s hard).

It’s time to give those setters some love!

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These players are the ones who make those crazy attacks possible.

Want to see how the best setters in volleyball control the game?

I’m about to reveal the top 5 male and top 5 female setters with the skills, the strategies, and the plays that leave you speechless.

Best Male Setters in Volleyball

You know those “how did they do that?!” volleyball moments?

Those usually start with the setter. 

Meet the masterminds behind the most exciting attacks!

I’m listing the top 5 male setters who combine insane accuracy with strategic brilliance.

1) Rezende Bruno Mossa

Bruno Rezende Mossa from Brazil is considered one of the greatest setters ever to grace the volleyball court. 

His setting isn’t just about textbook technique.

It’s how Bruninho manipulates the opposing team and opens up scoring lanes that his teammates didn’t even know existed.

That kind of vision is what separates him from the rest.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have volleyball in your genes.

Growing up with a coaching legend like his father, Bernardo Rezende (the Brazilian coach), surely gave him an edge.

He’s got the technical skills, the tactical mind, and the leadership qualities that are the identity of a truly great volleyball player.

He’s still out there competing at the highest level with the Italian Club, Valsa Group Modena.

So you know there are more legendary Bruninho moments to come.

2) Giannelli Simone

Simone Giannelli is an Italian setter who makes everything look easy. 

Beyond his technical skills, he possesses a brilliant volleyball mind.

He analyzes the opposition like a chess player, always a few steps ahead.

Simone knows how to break down defenses and find those sweet spots for his team to score.

The reason to put him at #2 on this list is his smooth-setting skills and competitive spirit, which are the marks of a true winner.

It’s no surprise he’s winning all over the place, both with his club and the Italian national team.

He’s the only player to secure MVP awards in the FIVB World Championship and the FIVB Club World Championship.

Moreover, he even grabbed a silver medal at the World Cup during his first year with the national team!

3) Seganov Georgi

Georgi Seganov from Bulgaria is a solid setter who knows how the game works.

He has been part of some top-tier clubs, including the renowned Polish club GKS Katowice.

That kind of high-level competition has improved his decision-making and in-game adjustments.

Seganov knows how to change things up and keep the opposing team’s defense guessing.

You will always see him communicating with his teammates on the court.

He ensures everyone in the team is informed of the strategies, especially the Outside and Opposite Hitters.

Additionally, he has been part of his national team in the 2014 Volleyball World Championship.

4) Tuaniga Joshua

I have put Joshua Tuaniga at #4 on the list for a reason.

He is a renowned American volleyball team player with exceptional setting skills.

Joshua is a two-time national champion who won an AVCA Player of the Year award in 2018.

He knows how to set the game’s pace and make those split-second decisions that win matches.

Also, he has a talent for shifting tempo out of nowhere and destroying the opposition’s rhythm.

This makes him a dangerous player to face and definitely one of my favorite setters to watch.

5) Sanchez Matias

Don’t let his height fool you (he’s only 173cm!).

Matías Sánchez is an Argentina national team setter who has this way of playing that’s almost like magic

That’s why he takes spot #5 on my list of top male setters.

His setting is all about keeping the defense guessing and setting up those huge plays for his hitters.

You might even catch him playing now for Poland club, Ślepsk Malow Suwałki.

Sánchez also got an Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo, proving he can compete on the biggest stage.

His height might be deceiving, but his skills and that Olympic medal speak for themselves.

Top Female Setters in Volleyball

Alright, let’s give the ladies some spotlight!

I’m breaking down the top female setters in the game and what makes them unstoppable.

Let’s see if you agree with my picks!  

1) Guedpard Pornpun

When you think of Thailand’s volleyball powerhouses, Guedpard Pornpun is a name that should instantly come to mind.

This setter is an absolute magician on the court, and that’s why she is at #1 in my list of best female setters.

Guedpard’s talent has taken her abroad!

She’s a star player for the famous South Korean club Hwaseong IBK Altos, showing she can dominate on any stage.

Talking about her achievements, she won back-to-back “Best Setter” awards in the Asian Club Championship in 2015 and 2016.

Also, the “Best Setter” award at AVC Cup, 2022 proves that she’s still at the top of her game.

Guedpard’s sets are like laser-guided missiles, finding her hitters in perfect scoring positions.

She is a playmaker, a strategist, and the conductor of the Thailand team’s offense.

If you’re a volleyball fan, you need to keep an eye on this extraordinary player!

2) Silva Carneiro Macris Fernanda

If you love Brazilian volleyball, you definitely know Macris Fernanda.

She is a super smart setter, always out-thinking the other side, and known for her sneaky one-handed sets.

But most importantly, Macris is a natural leader who organizes the entire Brazilian attack.

She was the star of the 2021-22 Brazilian Superliga, earning the “Most Valuable Player” award.

Also, Macris was part of her Brazilian volleyball team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020!

She is currently showing her setter skills in Turkey, playing for the famous club Türk Hava Yolları SK.

If you want to see a setter who leads passionately, brings the trophies home, and makes the game exciting, watch Macris in action!

3) Wolosz Joanna

If you’re a fan of setters who keep you on the edge of your seat, then Polish setter Joanna Wołosz must be on your radar.

Her surprise setter dumps became the talk of the 2022 World Cup.

Currently, she’s part of Imoco Volley, a super strong Italian club.

Did you know she comes from a volleyball family?

Her brother, Maciej Wołosz, also plays for the Polish national team!

It’s like those skills run in the blood.

Joanna’s got a sixth sense for the defense, always one step ahead and creating killer scoring chances.

She’s got pinpoint accuracy in her sets and makes even the toughest passes look easy.

And just when you’re focused on her hitters, watch out for those surprise setter dumps!

Oh, and by the way, she recently grabbed the “Most Valuable Player” award in the 2023 Italian Super Cup.

This lady is collecting trophies, and it seems she won’t stop! 

4) Marte Frica Niverka Dharlenis

Niverka Marte is a star volleyball setter from the Dominican Republic.

She’s made a name for herself with the national team and now plays for Jakarta Popsivo Polwan in Indonesia.

Back in 2010, she was a key player in winning the Final Four Cup gold medal in Mexico. 

She even rocked the 2012 Olympics, helping her team make it all the way to the quarter-finals!

Marte’s sets are powerful and super accurate.

She gives her teammates the perfect setup to score.

Plus, she’s got that sneaky side, keeping defenses on their toes.

If you’re looking for a setter with a winning history, sharp strategy, and killer skills, Niverka Marte is the one to watch.

5) Bongaerts Britt

Britt Bongaerts from the Netherlands is #5 on my list of best female setters.

This lady knows her way around the court, and she’s currently showing her skills for the German club, Allianz MTV Stuttgart.

You might remember her from the 2014 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix, where her setting skills astonished the audience.

So, what makes Bongaerts stand out?

Well, first off, she’s got pinpoint accuracy in her sets.

Plus, she’s not afraid to mix it up, constantly varying her sets to keep the defense guessing.

If you’re a fan of setters who play smart, set with power, and give opponents a tough time, keep an eye on Britt Bongaerts!


Now that you’re a certified setter expert, try not to yell at your TV screen when you see sloppy sets from your local team, okay?

But hey, maybe use your newfound knowledge to offer some constructive criticism.

They could probably use a strategist like you on the sidelines!

Dare to try?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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