6 Best Volleyballs to Buy for Every Court

Best Volleyballs

Planning to level up your game and find the best volleyball ball for your next match?

For most of the people, it might look like a simple ball.

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But, believe me, not all volleyballs are created equal and have different purposes.

Whether you’re enjoying a casual game with friends in the backyard, spiking on the beach, or having a professional match indoors, the right volleyball makes a huge difference.

At a Glance: Best Balls for Volleyball

For this guide, I researched and hand-picked the 6 best volleyballs available online. 

Also, I will break down four crucial factors to consider when choosing (e.g., what kind of player you are, the surface you play on, etc.).

Get these right, and you’ll be serving up aces in no time!

In-Depth Reviews of Best Volleyballs

Best Overall
WILSON AVP Soft Play Volleyball

The Wilson AVP Soft Play Volleyball features a super-soft synthetic leather cover, durable construction, and various vibrant colors to suit your style.

1) Best Overall: WILSON AVP Soft Play Volleyball

Let’s be honest: price is a big factor, especially for beginners or just looking to have fun with friends.

That’s why the Wilson AVP Soft Play Volleyball is my top recommendation, as it offers fantastic value for money.

But don’t let the price fool you.

This ball has the premium look and feel you could expect from a reputed brand like Wilson.

WILSON AVP Soft Play Volleyball Featured Image

The soft, synthetic leather cover with sponge backing is super comfortable on your arms, even if you are new to the game.

 It might not be real leather, but it still offers a surprisingly good grip for those casual rallies in the park.

Another reason this volleyball is my top pick?

It’s built to last. 

You won’t have to worry about it falling apart after a few bumps or digs.

Plus, the butyl rubber bladder keeps air in for longer, so you don’t constantly stop to pump it back up.

Overall, Wilson AVP Soft Play is a perfect all-rounder for anyone who wants to experience the joy of volleyball without limitations.

Plus, with 8 different funky colors to choose from, you can express your personality on the court and find a ball that perfectly matches your style!

Final Verdict: The Wilson AVP Soft Play Volleyball is an excellent choice for beginners, recreational players, and anyone looking for fun, budget-friendly play on any surface.

Best for Indoor
Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball

The Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball is a reliable and affordable choice for indoor players who want a balance of performance and durability.

2) Best for Indoor:Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball

If you’re looking for a volleyball that can keep up with your competitive indoor game, the Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball should be on your radar.

The key here is the “composite leather” cover.

It means you get the best of both worlds: the softness and feel closer to genuine leather without the high price tag. 

Also, it has better control and a more comfortable feel than most of the volleyballs in the market.

Worried about it falling apart after a few intense games?

Don’t be! 

Tachikara used their Single Unit Construction method, meaning this ball is built to last.

Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball Featured Image

The butyl rubber bladder keeps it inflated longer, so you can focus on the game, not the air pump.

Although it may not be the fanciest volleyball on the market, its focus on the essentials is why it’s an excellent choice for many players.

It even comes in various team colors so you can find the perfect match for your squad.

Final Verdict: The Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball is an excellent choice for competitive indoor players seeking a reliable, well-performing ball without breaking the bank. 

Best for Outdoor
Molten Elite Beach Volleyball

The Molten Elite Beach Volleyball (BV5000) is a top-of-the-line ball made for outdoor play. Its tough build makes it easy to handle the sand.

3) Best for Outdoor: Molten Elite Beach Volleyball

If you are someone like me who loves to play volleyball at the beach with friends, then the Molten Elite Volleyball deserves your attention.

This ball is built with the focus of dominating the sand, making it unique!

Let’s talk about its material first.

The cover is made of a special, high-quality material (polyurethane) and sewn together carefully by hand. 

It gives it a softer feel than many beach volleyballs, so it hurts less when you get hit by a strong spike.

You also get more control over the ball when setting and pancaking, even when it’s windy.

But don’t let the softness fool you!

Its construction is top-notch and has won my heart.

Molten Elite Beach Volleyball Featured Image

It can withstand the harshness of sand, sun, and even the occasional dip in the water.

And hey, a little flash never hurts, right? 

The official USAV stamp of approval adds that extra dose of excitement and lets you know this ball is the real deal.

Final Verdict: The Molten Elite Beach Volleyball is perfect for competitive and serious beach volleyball players who want a high-performance ball built for the elements.

Best for Pool
Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball

The Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball lets you have endless pool fun with its waterproof design and regulation size.

4) Best for Pool: Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball

Planning a friendly volleyball match at a pool with your buddies? 

The Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball is the perfect way to add friendly rivalry to your get-together!

It has a synthetic leather cover with a soft-touch cushioned backing, giving you a comfortable feel.

This volleyball is designed specifically for water play, so you won’t have to worry about it getting waterlogged and sinking like a rock.

 And the best part?

It is regulation-sized, so you can experience the feel of a real volleyball while splashing around with your friends and family.

Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball Featured Image

Planning a friendly volleyball match at a pool with your buddies? 

The Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball is the perfect way to add friendly rivalry to your get-together!

It has a synthetic leather cover with a soft-touch cushioned backing, giving you a comfortable feel.

This volleyball is designed specifically for water play, so you won’t have to worry about it getting waterlogged and sinking like a rock.

 And the best part?

It is regulation-sized, so you can experience the feel of a real volleyball while splashing around with your friends and family.

Final Verdict: The Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball has the potential to be the perfect pool companion for those who want a regulation-sized, water-friendly volleyball. Its focus on comfort and proper size for the water makes it a great option for families. 

Best for Grass Volleyball

The Wilson AVP GRX Grass Game Ball is a revolutionary volleyball designed specifically for the demands of grass play. Its vibrant color scheme and Visual Spin Technology ensure easy tracking even on darker grass.

5) Best for Grass Volleyball: WILSON AVP

Hey, serious grass volleyball players!

It’s time to ditch those old, scuffed-up beach balls and choose Wilson AVP GRPX.

This ball is a game-changer for competitive and passionate grass volleyball players.

Its focus on visibility and durability makes it ideal for excelling on the grass court.

Let’s talk about visibility first.

You know grass courts can be visually confusing, and tracking a standard volleyball on them is tough.

The Wilson GRX solves this problem with its bold red color and Visual Spin Technology (VST).

Actually, this system uses color patterns to help your eyes pick up the ball’s spin, allowing you to react faster to tricky grass serves and dives.

WILSON AVP Featured Image

Interestingly, you will find a lot of replicas of this volleyball in the market.

Don’t be tempted by them, as they will fall apart after a few matches.

In short, the Wilson AVP GRX is an investment in your enjoyment of the sport.

It’s built to last, so you can focus on having fun rather than replacing a worn-out ball.

Final Verdict: If you’re serious about taking your grass game to the next level, invest in the GRX, as it is the only volleyball designed to dominate this unique playing surface.

Best for Recreational Play
Molten Recreational Volleyball

The Molten Recreational Volleyball is ideal for casual players, beginners, or anyone looking for a fun and comfortable volleyball experience.

6) Best For Recreational Play: Molten Recreational Volleyball

The Molten Recreational Volleyball is perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor fun.

It comes in 13 different color options, so you can find one that perfectly suits your style or even create team colors for friendly matches.

Although it’s made for recreational play, it still has an official size and weight.

So you will get that realistic professional volleyball experience as you serve and spike around.

The feature I loved the most about this ball is its super soft Polyurethane (PU) cover.

This makes a huge difference for those just starting out or anyone who wants to avoid the sting of hard bumps.

Molten Recreational Volleyball Featured Image

Also, I am confident of its durability due to its machine-stitched premium construction.

So, you can use it on the grass, at the beach, or on your gym floor without worrying about it falling apart too quickly.

One disclaimer I want to give here is that you will receive the ball deflated when you order it online.

So you’ll need to grab a pump before your first game.

Final Verdict: The Molten Recreational Volleyball is a fantastic option for players of all ages and skill levels who prioritize casual fun and comfort. Its soft cover, versatile design, and vibrant colors make it perfect for backyard battles, school games, or anywhere you want to experience the joy of volleyball.

How to Choose a Volleyball Ball?

Finding the perfect volleyball ball is like finding that one teammate who always sets you up for a killer spike.

In easy words, right volleyball is the primary difference between a fantastic game and a frustrating one. 

But choosing can feel a bit overwhelming! 

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

I have compiled four major factors that you need to consider while buying one online or at a physical store:

1) Size & Weight

Regarding volleyballs, size isn’t just about whether it fits comfortably!

The size and weight are measured in 3 ways:

  1. Circumference (how big around it is)
  2. Actual weight
  3. Air pressure inside (measured in psi)

The circumference and weight are common terminologies, but many people get confused when it comes to “psi.”

PSI means Pounds per Square inch, which tells you how “dense” the volleyball feels.

Remember that the higher the PSI, the harder the ball feels and the bouncier it is.

Now, let’s move towards the youth, indoor, and beach volleyball sizes.

  • Official Indoor Balls (FIVB approved): These balls are the standard for competitive play! They have a 65-67 cm circumference, weigh 260-290 grams, and have a psi between 4.3 and 4.6 for optimal control.
  • Youth Balls: These are designed for younger players, usually 63-65 cm in circumference, weigh 260-280 grams, and have a lower psi (around 4.3) for a softer feel.
  • Beach Balls: These volleyball balls are slightly larger than indoor balls (66-68 cm) but have the same weight. They are designed to handle the wind and sand of the sandy volleyball court.

It is vital to mention here you’ll sometimes see volleyballs categorized as size 4 and size 5.

Don’t be confused by these numbers.

Size 5 means the official size of the ball, approved by FIVB, while size 4 refers to training balls that are smaller than the official.

2) Cover

The volleyball’s cover or skin directly affects how the ball feels, handles, and even how long it lasts.

You will observe 3 different kinds of materials in the ball.

The first type is genuine leather, the gold standard, specially made for indoor volleyball.

It is more expensive than other types and requires a break-in period to soften up.

However, it is ideal for competitive play on hardwood courts.

The second type is synthetic leather, which is excellent for beginners and recreational play.

It is typically made of polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is perfect for anyone on a budget.

Interestingly, the ball used for the water volleyball matches is also synthetic leather.

The last type of volleyball material is composite leather, a combination of genuine and synthetic leather.

It is excellent for players looking for a balance of feel and resilience.

So, consider where you’ll be playing and your skill level.

Indoor players often prefer the feel of genuine leather, while beach volleyball players might opt for a durable synthetic that can handle the elements.

3) Playing Field

It is the most neglected factor when purchasing a volleyball ball.

But, in reality, each surface demands a different ball for optimal grip and performance.

For instance, indoor volleyballs have a softer cover for a comfortable feel on gymnasium floors..

The beach volleyballs are slightly larger than the indoor models and have brighter colors for maximum visibility in the sun.

Also, they have softer covers for comfortable digging in the sand.

Interestingly, you will also find the balls specifically designed for water volleyballs.

Their characteristics include being extra lightweight and often larger than standard balls, which makes them easy to play and float in the water.

4) Brand Reputation

Let’s be honest: playing with a well-known brand feels good!

There’s a boost of confidence when you’re sporting that recognizable logo.

While you can find fantastic volleyballs from smaller brands, nothing beats the reliability and innovation of the industry leaders.

Top brands like Wilson, Tachikara, Molten, and Botabee have earned their reputations through years of delivering high-quality products.

When you stick with a trusted brand, you know what to expect.

Their volleyballs will offer a consistent feel and performance, crucial for competitive play.

That’s why the volleyballs I’ve suggested in this guide are from well-respected brands.

With my thorough research and personal experience backing these choices, you can be sure you’re getting a volleyball that won’t disappoint you.


Choosing the right volleyball is a crucial step that sparks your passion, whether on the court, the beach, or even splashing in the pool!

For the ultimate all-rounder, I recommend going with the WILSON AVP Soft Play.

In case of an indoor competition, the Tachikara Composite Leather Volleyball is your secret weapon.

If you are a beach enthusiast, you will love the Molten Elite Beach Volleyball, which focuses on control and durability on the sand.

Meanwhile, to turn your next pool party into a friendly tournament, trust the Botabee Swimming Pool Water Volleyball.

Ready to dominate on grass courts?

The WILSON AVP GRX Grass Game Ball should be your top choice for visibility and performance on a unique playing surface.

Finally, for casual fun and a focus on comfort, the Molten Recreational Volleyball, with its super-soft cover and vibrant colors, is the perfect choice for backyard battles and learning the game!

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