Highest Vertical Jump in Volleyball (Updated Stats)

highest vertical jump in volleyball

While watching a volleyball match, you may have wondered, “How high can these players jump?”.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Like you, I was fascinated by this question and made it my mission to discover the answer.

Volleyball players are generally famous for their incredible jumping skills and aces.

So, this raises a clear question, “What is the highest vertical jump in volleyball”?

Key Takeaway: Matey Kaziyski, the outside hitter from Bulgaria, holds the record for the highest vertical jump, with 390cm of spike height and a block height of 345cm.

Stay tuned for an insightful discussion on the authenticity of these numbers and what they mean for the players’ actual jumping abilities.

What is a Good Vertical Jump for Volleyball?

The average vertical jump for a volleyball player is 18 to 20 inches. However, some players can jump much higher than this range.

A good vertical jump for male volleyball players is around 30 inches (76 cm); for female players, it is approximately 26 inches (66cm).

These stats may vary depending on the player’s position, height, and other factors.

Typically, outside hitters have the highest vertical jump on the team because they need to attack and block effectively.

A good jump for outside hitters is around 28-32 inches.

It’s essential to remember that these guidelines offer a broad perspective.

What qualifies as a solid vertical jump differs significantly from team to team and from one player to another.

A volleyball player doing an amazing vertical jump

How Much Can Top-Level Volleyball Players Jump?

Top-level volleyball players can do extraordinary vertical jumps, often exceeding 40 inches.

Their height, playing position, athleticism, and drills also play a vital role in their jumping abilities.

Regarding liberos and defensive specialists, who prioritize precise ball control over jumping height, you’ll typically find their vertical jumps ranging from 16 to 24 inches.

As for middle blockers, outside hitters, and opposite hitters, their roles demand solid defensive skills and powerful attacks, resulting in vertical jumps that often span from 24 to 36 inches.

In the case of women’s volleyball, the range is a little less, but still, the elite female volleyball players can exceed the vertical height of 34 inches.

On a fun note, these stats on vertical jumps are a bit of a mystery.

While I am sharing some exciting numbers, it’s important to remember that they’re more like my best guesses and based on experience rather than official records.

an incredible spike by a volleyball player

Top 6 Highest Vertical Jumps in Volleyball

Let me discuss the top 6 highest volleyball vertical jumps, where these players reach unbelievable heights, leaving you wondering if they have a touch of magic.

1) Matey Kaziyski

Matey Kaziyski stands out as one of Bulgaria’s volleyball gems, with a height of 203cm.

As a passionate volleyball enthusiast, I’ve long admired the spectacular spikes delivered by players like Yuji Nishida and Leonel Marshall.

However, after witnessing Matey Kaziyski’s incredible performances, I couldn’t help but place him at the top of my list.

He holds the record for the highest vertical jump, with an unbelievable 390cm spike height.

Matey truly deserves the title “Magician of vertical heights” because of this extraordinary spike touch.

He plays outside hitter in his team with tons of energy and enthusiasm.

His ability to reach greater heights for blocking and spiking is astonishing.

So, next time you watch a volleyball game, keep an eye on Matey Kaziyski, the man who has redefined the limits of the sport.

2) Leonel Marshall

Leonel Marshall, also known as the “monster of vertical jump,” is an outside hitter from Cuba.

Like most tall volleyball players, he stands at an impressive 196cm, and his real magic shines when he takes flight on the volleyball court.

It’s worth noting that his jaw-dropping 50-inch vertical jump isn’t an official record, and I couldn’t confirm it either.

But, I bet you to watch him in action, whether spiking or blocking, and you’ll quickly see that achieving such vertical heights seems effortless for him.

His stats tell the story: a remarkable 383cm spike touch and a 343cm block height.

Marshall’s heights on the court put him in a league far above the average volleyball player.

3) Benjamin Patch

I remember watching a volleyball match between the USA and Bulgaria in 2019 and was genuinely amazed by the incredible spikes of Benjamin Patch.

Being an opposite hitter in his team and having a spike height of 382cm makes him one of the best players on the USA volleyball team with exceptional vertical height.

He’s almost as tall as Matey Kaziyski, and once you see his amazing jumps, you’ll become a big fan of his.

4) Terrel Bramwell 

Terrel Bramwell is a Canadian volleyball sensation known for his incredible skills as an opposite hitter.

Some fans call him Superman due to his exceptional vertical jumps during the matches.

He is 190cm tall, yet he can achieve the spike height of 370cm, which is uncommon for players of his stature.

I like that he is so relaxed and calm during the spike, which makes him a top-notch hitter.

5) Yuji Nishida Vertical Jump Height

Yuji Nishida is one of the most famous Japanese men’s volleyball team names, with a vertical jump height estimated to be 105cm.

He’s earned a special place among my favorite volleyball players, all thanks to his incredible agility.

His height of only 187 cm and a spike touch of an incredible 350cm make him an elite volleyball hitter.

Every time I watch him on the court, it’s like a real-life Haikyuu moment, where a shorter volleyball player defied all odds and became famous for his lightning-fast spikes.

Yuji’s performance shows that same inspiring spirit.

6) Mireya Luis

Mireye Luis from Cuba is an inspiration for all female volleyball hitters, showcasing a remarkable 36-inch vertical jump that sets the bar high for excellence.

Her height is only 173cm (less than 6 feet), but she has a spike height of 339cm and a block height of 325cm, which is truly impressive.

She also had the privilege to be the team manager of the Cuban volleyball team.

Her spike style combines power and precision and is a treat to watch for the eyes.

What is Spike Height in Volleyball?

In volleyball, the spike height refers to the maximum height a player can reach during a spike or an attack.

A higher spike height allows the person to get more control over the ball and hit it over the net into the opponent’s court at a precise angle.

Several drills and training are available to improve the spike height, giving the volleyball players a prominent advantage in gaining more control over the ball.

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How Can You Measure Volleyball Spike Height?

When measuring spike height in volleyball, there are two widely recognized methods: the chalk method and the Vertec method.

I prefer the Vertec technique because it’s more precise and easier to use, but some people prefer the chalk method due to its cost-effectiveness.

Let me elaborate on each technique in detail.

Manual Method with Chalk

To measure the spike height with chalk, use the following steps:

  1. Stand beside a wall and hold chalk on your fingertips.
  2. Now, run adjacent to the wall and jump as high as possible.
  3. Touch the wall during the jump and leave the chalk mark on the wall.
  4. The distance between the chalk mark and the floor would be your spike height, usually measured in inches.

Using Vertec or Vertical Jump Measurement Tool

The most effective method to measure the spike height is using a vertec. I am explaining each step below:

  1. Place the vertec near the area where you plan to spike
  2. Stand beside the vertec and perform a vertical jump. Try your best to touch the highest possible vane. It will be your vertical jump height.
  3. Add your standing reach to the vertical jump height you calculated to get an idea of the spike height.

By following these simple steps, you will get an accurate measurement of how high you can spike the ball. 

What is a good Spike Height in Volleyball?

Top-level male volleyball players can achieve impressive spike heights exceeding 350cm while surpassing 330cm for female players is considered exceptional.

Like vertical height, a player’s height, training, and experience influence spike height.

In light of the above-average standards, Matey Kaziyski’s remarkable spike height of 390cm is an exceptional achievement, something nearly impossible for the average player.

For beginners, I recommend setting a target spike height of 300-320cm, with the potential to aim for elite player records in the future.

Conclusion and final thoughts

From the incredible leaps of living legends like Matey Kaziyski to the consistent high jumps seen in the Olympics, you must admit that vertical jumping is an art and science.

As I have highlighted some impressive stats in this article, it is essential to understand that volleyball isn’t about reaching great heights. It’s more about teamwork and the strategy.

Moreover, the vertical jump stats in YouTube videos are more for fun and excitement, showcasing players’ jumping skills.

Do you, like me, wish there were official records for the highest vertical jumps in volleyball?

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