How much do Professional Volleyball Players make on Average?

how much do professional volleyball players make

Thinking about pursuing a career in professional volleyball?

One of the first questions that might come to your mind is: “How much do professional volleyball players make?”

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Are professional volleyball players managing a comfortable lifestyle or hustling hard for every paycheck?

Quick Answer: The earnings of professional volleyball players typically range from $20,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending on experience from entry-level to pro. To reach the million-dollar mark, players must have exceptional skills and league success, along with notable sponsorships, endorsements, and prize money.

In this article, I will dive deep into the world of professional volleyball, discussing players’ earnings at various levels of their careers.

I will also elaborate on the key factors influencing these earnings and the additional income streams beyond base salary.

So, if you’re passionate about turning volleyball into more than just a hobby, this guide will provide the insights you need on its financial prospects.

Overview of Volleyball as a Profession

Choosing volleyball as a career is a choice that brings exciting challenges and opportunities. 

This journey often starts with local matches and can lead to playing in national and international games.

Players experience a world where every game is a chance to improve, and every season is full of new opportunities.

Being a professional volleyball player isn’t only about the time spent playing matches.

It also means making tough choices and balancing personal life with the demands of being a pro athlete.

Before I elaborate on the financial aspects of a professional volleyball career, there’s an important disclaimer that I want to give.

The salary figures mentioned in this guide are based on my thorough research and experience.

But they should be considered as estimates only.

Professional volleyball players’ earnings can vary widely due to private agreements, league conditions, and economic factors in different countries.

Therefore, while I aim to provide a clear picture, the actual salaries may differ from the estimates provided.

Factors Influencing Professional Volleyball Player Salaries

When considering a career in professional volleyball, it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence salaries.

From the level of play to personal achievements, several aspects come into play, determining how much a player earns.

I have compiled a list to help you understand these factors efficiently.

  1. Level of the League: International leagues generally offer higher salaries than local or national leagues.
  2. Player’s Experience and Skill Level: More experienced and skilled players typically acquire higher salaries.
  3. Geographic Location: Volleyball’s popularity and economic conditions in a player’s region can impact earnings.
  4. Player Position and Role: Salaries can vary based on a player’s specific position or role in the team. For instance, outside and opposite hitters typically get the highest salary compared to other players.
  5. Performance and Achievements: A track record of success, including awards and championships, can lead to higher pay.
  6. External Income Sources: Income from sponsorships and endorsements can complement a player’s salary.
  7. Foreign Player Quota: There are restrictions on the number of foreign players per team in many leagues. This quota can influence demand and salaries for foreign players.
  8. Marketability and Public Appeal: Players with strong personal brands and fan followings can secure higher salaries and endorsement deals.
  9. Club Contracts: Club contracts can significantly increase a player’s net worth. For instance, Yuji Nishida’s salary jump from his deal with JTEKT Stings shows how a good agreement can boost a player’s earnings.
A volleyball player sitting on an illustrated throne

Income Sources for Volleyball Players

In today’s volleyball world, players have multiple avenues to earn income, except just playing the sport.

Some players also make tons of money in the off-season, all thanks to their firm brand deals.

Entry-level players have opportunities, too.

Effective marketing becomes increasingly crucial as they establish their role among the more experienced or senior players in a volleyball team.

This marketing raises their profile and opens doors to sponsorships and match fees.

Here are the primary income sources for volleyball players, each contributing to their overall financial portfolio.

1) Club Contracts and Match Fees

A volleyball player’s most direct income comes from club contracts and match fees.

These contracts are agreements between players and clubs.

They outline salary terms for participation in league matches and tournaments.

The pay structure can vary significantly based on the league, the player’s skill level, and the financial capacity of the club.

Successful negotiations and high performance can lead to lucrative deals, making this a primary income source for many players.

That’s why I tell youngsters to learn negotiation skills if they want to secure substantial incomes in their volleyball careers.

2) Sponsorships and Endorsements

Sponsorships and endorsements are significant for players who have built a solid personal brand and have a considerable fan following.

Brands often collaborate with these players for their marketing campaigns.

They offer financial deals in exchange for the pro player endorsing their products or services.

These agreements can be incredibly profitable.

Sometimes, such deals even surpass what players earn from their club contracts.

Sponsorship deal

Sponsorships also offer players a platform to expand their influence and reach in the sport.

For instance, a top Brand, Avoli signed a deal with the top college volleyball players and made them their brand ambassadors.

3) Prize Money from Tournaments

Another key income source for professional volleyball players is prize money from tournaments. 

It is especially true for those who compete in significant international events. 

The prize money can vary widely depending on the tournament’s prestige and scale. 

Players who win these tournaments or finish in top positions earn more money and gain much recognition in the world of volleyball.

So, doing well in these tournaments isn’t just good for a player’s bank account.

It’s also a big deal for their reputation in the sport.

For example, there is a prize money of $1 million for the winning team in the Beach World Championship.

How Much Do Professional Volleyball Players Make a Year in Different Leagues?

Think of the world’s volleyball leagues as central stepping stones in a player’s career, especially regarding earnings.

Among the many leagues globally, a few stand out for their high stakes and exceptional paychecks.

In this section, I will discuss those top leagues known for their intense matches and the significant financial rewards they offer players.

Let’s explore these premier volleyball leagues and see what makes them lucrative for the players.

1) Italian Serie A

This league stands out in Europe for its high competition level and financial power, organized by the Italian Volleyball Federation.

Top players in Serie A are known to secure six-figure salaries.

The league’s reputation and solid fan base make it a desirable destination for volleyball professionals.

According to an estimate, Wilfredo León earns around € 900,000 a year and is a part of the Italian league.

2) Russian Super League

The Russian Super League is a big deal in volleyball and is known for its impressive financial strength.

This league stands out by offering some of the highest salaries around.

It attracts local and global volleyball stars competing at a top level.

According to unofficial resources, some clubs provide pro players between $1 to $2 million per contract.

3) Brazilian Superliga

The Brazilian Superliga is a big name in volleyball, famous for its exciting matches and excellent earning potential for players. 

It stands out with its intense competition and is a perfect spot for highly skilled players. 

The players who excel can expect to earn well here.

Interestingly, the winners in this league can earn around $11.5 million, making it a go-to choice for volleyball players globally.

4) Asian Leagues

In Asia, the volleyball leagues of Japan, China, and South Korea are especially notable for their salary offerings. 

Talking about Japan, top players often earn close to or over $1 million annually.

It includes tournament winnings, salaries, bonuses, and sponsorships.

For instance, Yuki Yanagita made headlines in 2021 by signing with the Pacific League club for an impressive annual salary of $5.46 million.

Japan Flag

South Korea is known for being particularly lucrative, with the average professional player earning over $140,000 a year. 

For example, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) unveiled an impressive lineup of player registrations for the 2021/22 season of the Korean V-League.

Notably, Yang Hyo-Jin, a middle blocker, emerged as the highest-paid player in the women’s V-League with a remarkable salary of 522,000 EUR.

Meanwhile, Han Sun-Soo secured a lucrative deal worth 559,000 EUR.

These stats clearly show the significant earning potential for top players in the league.

Korean Flag

Regarding China, specific salary details of leagues are less publicized.

But the country’s growing investment in volleyball shows that the earnings there are also competitive.

The demand for foreign players is often high there.

5) USA Volleyball Leagues

In the USA, there are different ways for volleyball players to make money via leagues.

The men’s indoor volleyball league is just starting to grow.

But beach volleyball and women’s leagues, like Athletes Unlimited Volleyball, are already places where players can earn good money.

The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is another big event where players from the U.S. and other countries can earn.

For instance, in the 2022 AVP beach volleyball season, players had the chance to win a total of $2 million in prize money across 16 different tournaments.

A ball floating over the net of a beach volleyball court

College volleyball at prominent universities, particularly in NCAA Division I, prepares players for professional careers and offers financial support.

While NCAA athletes don’t receive salaries for playing typically, they often get scholarships covering tuition, room, board, and other expenses. 

This financial aid is crucial in supporting student-athletes as they develop their skills and prepare for professional opportunities.

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Earnings in Volleyball: Beyond Leagues

Professional volleyball offers players not only a chance to gain fame but also to earn a substantial income.

This opportunity primarily comes through participation in international events organized by governing bodies like FIVB and others.

Key tournaments include the FIVB World Championships, FIVB World Cup, Olympics, and Continental Championships.

These events are renowned for their prestige and the financial rewards they offer to successful players.

It’s challenging to cover the earning potential of every volleyball tournament.

But, I will focus on the most famous ones to give you a clear picture of the earning potential in these competitions.

1) FIVB World Championship

The FIVB World Championship is one of the most prestigious events in international volleyball, held every four years.

It features the world’s top teams competing for the world champion title.

The prize pool usually amounts to $1 million, distributed among the winning teams in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

Top players can earn lucrative amounts, especially when including bonuses from national federations or personal sponsors.

2) FIVB World Cup

The FIVB World Cup is another major international tournament occurring every four years.

It’s known for its competitive field and high stakes, with teams from all over the globe.

The World Cup stands out with its remarkable prize pool.

Unofficial sources estimate it at around $2 million, creating a buzz among players and fans alike.

Impressively, members of the victorious team can take up to $600,000 to their home.

Notably, the national volleyball federations also benefit significantly from this financial pool, which shows the event’s impact beyond just the players on the court.

3) Olympics

Olympic volleyball is highly regarded and watched by millions.

It is an international competition, bringing together the best players globally.

While Olympic athletes do not receive prize money directly from the International Olympic Federation, many countries offer significant bonuses for medal winners.

The winning teams receive a hefty sum from their national Olympic committee, combining numerous sponsorships and endorsements.

The top brands also select the top players as their brand ambassadors.

Volleyball Players playing in Olympics

4) Continental Championships

It is a top-level volleyball tournament organized for countries within a specific continent.

They showcase the best volleyball talent within each continent.

Also, they often serve as qualifiers for world-level events like the FIVB World Championship and the Olympics. 

Some famous Continental Championship tournaments include the European Volleyball Championship, the Asian Volleyball Championship, and the Pan-American Games.

The prize money varies significantly across different types of Continental events.

So, it is not possible to tell an exact figure of how much a player or the whole team receives as prize money.

Who is the Highest Paid Volleyball Player?

One of the most common questions among volleyball fans revolves around the earnings of top players.

In search of an answer, I researched various authentic websites but soon realized that precise salary figures for volleyball stars are hard to come by.

This is mainly due to the private nature of player contracts, with most publicly known figures being estimates.

My research indicates that the highest-paid volleyball professional is Wilfredo Leon.

In 2022, Leon signed a groundbreaking deal with the Italian club ‘Block Devils’ worth $1.5 million per season, spanning three years.

This deal is considered the largest in the volleyball world to date.

So, based on these findings, Wilfredo Leon currently stands as the top-earning volleyball athlete.

Wilfredo Leon with a volleyball ball

Who is the Highest Paid Female Volleyball Player?

Zhu Ting, the Chinese volleyball player, is the highest-paid female player in volleyball.

Her lucrative contract with VakıfBank, a prominent Turkish club, was worth around €1.5 million annually.

Zhu’s tenure with the club, which ended in 2020, was a part of her preparation for the 2020 Olympics.

To date, no other female volleyball player has surpassed Zhu Ting’s record in terms of annual earnings.

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