6 Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

best volleyball shoes for hitters

Picture this: you’re on the court, all eyes on you, and in that intense moment, you gear up for a game-changing spike.

But hold on, are your shoes up to this challenge?

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Don’t let the wrong footwear ruin your big moment.

Get ready to discover the best volleyball shoes for hitters!

In this article, I will explain what makes a great spiking shoe and help you find the perfect pair to unlock your full hitting power.

As a former player who used to play as a hitter in the team for more than five years, I know what should be included in volleyball shoes to help you keep going.

At a Glance: Best Hitter Volleyball Shoes

These specialized shoes help to enhance a hitter’s performance on the court by providing cushioning, optimal support, shock absorption, and traction.

They help maintain a stable base for powerful aces and quick directional changes.

Also, they are different from those of liberos shoes.

So, whether you are an outside hitter, middle blocker, or the opposite hitter, this guide will help you find your crime partner, I mean shoes. 🙂

In-Depth Reviews of Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

You must be curious how these shoes can take your game to the next level as a hitter.

So, without wasting any time, let me discuss the details of each shoe discussed above on my power-packed list.

Make sure to read each review in detail to be confident when buying your next hitter’s shoes.

Best Overall
ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2 for hitter


  • Lightweight design
  • Grippy sole
  • Excellent cushioning and traction

The Asics Sky Elite FF Mid Top 2 has GEL cushioning technology, which provides exceptional shock absorption. These shoes are perfect for hitters seeking durability and comfort to enhance their spiking game.

1) Best Overall: ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2

For many reasons, I have listed Asics Sky EliteFlyteFoam Mid Top 2 as the #1 shoe for hitters.

First, it is built specifically for the hitter’s position as recommended in Asics official guide.

Secondly, it has some remarkable features that a hitter would love.

It comes with phenomenal cushioning, which can tackle all your court jumping requirements.

ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2 for hitter Featured Image

It has a lightweight design and comes in several colors, out of which illusion blue/ white has my heart.

The fit is grippy and stable, which is crucial for agile movements on the court.

The midsole is thicker and comes with Flytefoam technology.

Another thing that impresses me is its traction, which is highly suitable for lateral movements without the fear of slipping or ankle injuries.

What I Like?

  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Exceptional cushioning with shock absorption
  • Mid-top reduces energy loss during the spike

What I Don’t Like?

  • More expensive than other hitters’ volleyball shoes
  • It gets a little slippery when dust on the court

Final Verdict: It works well for all types of hitters, irrespective of their positions. The thicker midsole helps with better spiking and jumping.

Runner Up
Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid for hitters


  • Suitable for the wide feet
  • Stylish Design
  • Good shock absorption

These shoes provide the ideal support for the hitters for the most intense movements on the court. The lightweight design gives fantastic comfort and exact fitting.

2) Runner-Up: Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid

The Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid suits hitters of all positions, and that’s the reason I have put it at #2 in my list of recommendations.

The design of the Wave Momentum is futuristic, vibrant, and energetic.

It fits to size accurately and is recommended for hitters with wide feet.

The comfort of these shoes is worth mentioning, and it takes less time to break in.

I also liked that bringing the shoes on/off takes less effort due to its sock insole.

Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid for hitters featured image

The traction pattern on the back of Wave Momentum helps you with any lateral movements on the court, and you won’t feel slippy.

Overall, the grip of the shoes is excellent, and you won’t feel the additional weight.

The iconic Mizuno Wave technology provides exceptional cushioning to level up your game.

What I Like?

  • Reliable ankle support
  • It fits to size and is responsive to sudden movements
  • It is ideal for wide feet
  • Excellent cushioning and comfortable

What I Don’t Like?

  • The toe box is small and slightly uncomfortable
  • Not as bouncy as other Mizuno shoes

Final Verdict: The Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid is ideal for hitters with wide feet who are looking for comfortable shoes with shock absorption and decent cushioning.

Best for Outside Hitter
Adidas Crazyflight Mid for hitter


  • Good for serve reception
  • Attractive design with grippy sole
  • Good shock absorption

The Adidas Crazyflight Mid has a trendy, lightweight design for lateral movements and shock absorption. I recommend it specifically for the outside hitters.

3) Best for Outside Hitter: Adidas Crazyflight Mid

The Adidas Crazyflight Mid is the best shoe for outside hitters due to its lightweight mesh upper, top grip rubber outsole, and excellent traction.

It comes with funky designs, perfect for the women outside hitters.

Adidas Crazyflight Mid for hitter Featured image

Your position as an outside hitter demands speed, precise footwork, and, most importantly, the ability to execute powerful hits.

That’s where CrazyFlight Mid can help you, as it provides support for lateral movements with exceptional traction.

The Boost technology in its midsole provides excellent shock absorption.

This helps cushion your landings, reducing strain on your joints and protecting you from injuries.

What I Like?

  • It comes in 10+ colors with attractive designs
  • Excellent Traction
  • Responsive for the serve reception and digging
  • Good shock absorption

What I Don’t Like?

  • Not suitable for outside hitters with wide feet
  • The back of the heel is a little uncomfortable

Final Verdict: The Adidas Crazyflight mid suits outside hitters looking for stylish volleyball shoes with grippy soles, shock absorption, and traction.

Best for Middle Blocker
Adidas Dame 8 for hitter


  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Prevents ankle sprains
  • Super responsive cushioning

Although initially designed as basketball shoes, they possess all the necessary features that a middle blocker requires in a volleyball game. I am a big fan of its unparalleled cushioning setup and shock absorption.

4) Best for Middle Blocker: Adidas Dame 8

Although designed specifically for basketball, I’ve discovered that Adidas Dame 8 shoes are optimally suitable for middle blockers in volleyball.

As a middle blocker, you dedicate most of your time to jumping and blocking.

Therefore, you need shoes with excellent bounce, superior shock absorption, and exceptional cushioning.

The Dame 8 has dual-density cushioning, providing the ideal ratio between cushioning and support.

It has an air mesh upper, which works great for breathability and keeps your feet cool and calm during the volleyball game.

Adidas Dame 8 for hitter featured image

The fit is perfect, ensuring your feet stay secure without any unnecessary movement.

Wider feet?

No problem!

This shoe’s generous toe box ensures a comfortable fit all game long.

The support around the ankle is tremendous and prevents you from ankle strains (common in the case of middle blockers).

What I Like?

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Rubber outsole helps for the extra grip
  • Suitable for middle blockers having wide feet

What I Don’t Like?

  • It picks up dirt quickly and requires frequent wiping

Final Verdict: I recommend the Adidas Dame 8 for the middle blockers looking for bouncy and grippy shoes with exceptional cushioning, breathability, and ankle support.

Best for Opposite Hitter
Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace for hitter


  • Extended ankle and toe protection
  • HOVR technology maintains energy returns
  • Stylish and trendy design

If you’re an Opposite Hitter looking for volleyball shoes that blend style with top-notch cushioning and extended ankle support, the Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace checks all the boxes.

5) Best for Opposite Hitter: Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace

I have listed the Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace as the best volleyball shoe for opposite hitters due to its optimal shock absorption and stability for lateral movements.

As an opposite hitter, most of your job revolves around jumping and powerful hits.

So, you need shoes with enhanced cushioning and shock absorption.

HOVR highlight Ace has an extended ankle collar, which is super stretchy and provides extra support and control over the court.

Also, its toe cap works amazingly well with protecting the injuries.

Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace for hitter feature image

The most important aspect is its HOVR technology, which gives you a zero gravity feeling and helps reduce the impact on your feet by maintaining energy return.

The herringbone patterns help with the traction, which is helpful for you as an opposite hitter.

Its breathable upper material impresses me, which keeps the feet cool during intense matches.

What I Like?

  • Stylish Design
  • Enhanced traction for better lateral movements
  • Exceptional cushioning technology

What I Don’t Like?

  • The issue with the size adjustment is that it takes time to break in.

Final Verdict: The Under Armour HOVR Highlight Ace is the ideal choice for Opposite Hitters seeking stylish volleyball footwear with a breathable upper mesh, exceptional cushioning, and reliable traction.

Budget Friendly
Asics Upcourt 5 for hitter


  • Stylish Design
  • Less Expensive
  • Lightweight and flexible design

The Asics Upcourt is one of the most budget-friendly Asics volleyball shoes available online. It has a stylish design with remarkable flexibility and breathability.

6) Budget Friendly: Asics Upcourt 5

If you are looking for a budget-friendly volleyball as a hitter, then Asics Upcourt 5 is the suitable option.

While initially featured as a runner-up in my selection of libero’s volleyball shoes, the Upcourt 5’s exceptional flexibility and durability compelled me to recommend it to hitters.

Asics Upcourt 5 for hitter featuted image

It fits precisely to your feet due to mesh paneling, while midfoot overlays support lateral movements.

It features the Asics iconic breathable mesh, which keeps your feet calm and comfortable throughout the volleyball game.

Another reason to endorse Upcourt 5 for the hitters is its GEL cushioning technology, as it will reduce joint strain during the demanding routine of constant jumping.

What I Like?

  • Light on pocket
  • Available in many bright colors and striking designs.
  • Durable panels on the toe and heel counter increase the durability of the shoe.

What I Don’t Like?

  • The cushioning is not as great as the other Asics volleyball shoes

Final Verdict: The Asics Upcourt 5 is a fantastic pick for budget-conscious hitters. As an outside hitter, you’ll appreciate its remarkable flexibility, making it a savvy choice that won’t break the bank.

What Hitters Should Look For When Buying Volleyball Shoes?

If you are a hitter ready to take your volleyball game to the next level, the foundation starts right from your feet.

It’s not simply about selecting shoes for their style or sole thickness but rather about choosing footwear that unlocks your full potential on the court.

I have compiled a list of features to use when buying your next shoes.

From cushioning to comfort, I have covered everything you need to know.

1) Cushioning

The first thing I look up to as a hitter in shoes is cushioning, which allows to jump higher above the net and land confidently on the court.

As a hitter, your ideal shoes shouldn’t be just soft.

It should also be responsive to absorb the shock better after the spike.

I prefer decent cushioning in my shoes, but some players prefer a minimal amount.

So, the level of cushioning depends on personal preferences.

ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2 has the ideal cushioning required for a hitter, and that’s the reason I listed it at the top of my list.

2) Shock Absorption

Volleyball can be intense. Right?

The lateral movements and the sudden stops can hurt your joints.

A hitter does more jumping as compared to other players on the team.

So, look for shoes that are excellent at absorbing absorption.

Such shoes help you minimize the strain on your body to stay comfortable and agile throughout the match.

3) Ankle Support

Many think ankle support in hitters’ shoes is just for comfort, but it’s a crucial safety feature!

It helps prevent those nasty ankle sprains that can sideline you for weeks.

During those intense rallies and blocks, a wrong landing is always a risk.

Great hitting shoes offer ankle support to keep your feet steady, reduce the chance of twists, and keep you in the game.

4) Durability

Volleyball is a dynamic sport, and as a hitter, your shoes should always be ready for the challenge.

Choose shoes that can handle lateral movements, powerful spikes, and digging.

When the shoes are not durable, they can easily break or tear apart, leading to the chance of ankle sprains and other injuries.

If you are not worried about your shoes falling apart, you can focus more on your game!

On a side note, If you’re considering using grass volleyball shoes, I’ve got a whole post about it.

5) Traction

Traction is the technology in volleyball shoes that keeps you in complete control of your movements as a hitter.

It’s even more critical when you are playing as an outside hitter.

It prevents slipping, maximizes your performance, and gives you the required grip to generate more force with each step.

So, while purchasing your shoes, remember that traction is your secret weapon for making the court your stage.

6) Comfort

My definition of the comfort of shoes is that they should fit on your feet like a second skin.

If your volleyball shoes are uncomfortable, regardless of your position on the court, it is impossible to concentrate on the game.

Talking specifically about the hitters, you can only show your full potential in the match if the shoes are comfortable.

Look for the mesh material in shoes, as it allows your feet to breathe and stay calm.

Also, I am a big fan of speed laces because they keep the shoe tight on the foot while maintaining comfort.

Are High-Top Volleyball Shoes Better Than Low-Top For Hitters?

Choosing between low-top and high-top shoes depends on your preferences, playing style, or, precisely, your ankle support requirements.

High-top shoes offer ankle support for hitters due to their specific design that covers the ankle area.

It provides stability for the hitters who constantly jump and kick.

So, if you are concerned about ankle injuries or want to feel more confident with extra support around your ankles, high-top shoes should be your top preference.

On the other hand, low-top shoes are more lightweight and streamlined, allowing more freedom of movement.

The hitters who prefer quick reactions and speed should go for low-top shoes as they have more flexibility. 

They contribute to the faster response time on the court and allow natural foot motion.


When choosing hitters’ shoes, it’s about something other than going for the flashiest option.

It’s about the shoe selection that aligns with your playing style and personal preferences.

Pay attention to the elements of the shoes that form the foundation of your performance, like cushioning, shock absorption, ankle support, traction, comfort, etc.

They collectively ensure that every move you make on the court is impactful and confident.

My top pick, undoubtedly, is the ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top 2.

It’s a true game-changer for hitters, as you’ve already discovered in the in-depth review above.

It covers everything a hitter looks for in volleyball shoes.

Now, lace up your shoes, dive into the court, and let the game begin!

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