5 Best Volleyball Shoes for Setters

best volleyball shoes for setters

As a volleyball setter, you play a crucial role in each match.


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Remember that choosing the right shoes can make all the difference for optimal performance on the court

You require a unique combination of features in your volleyball footwear. 

It’s not just about style but staying steady, moving precisely, and being quick.

So, your shoes need to be up for the challenge.

At a Glance: Best Setter Volleyball Shoes

Setters’ shoes strike a unique balance, combining the agility required by liberos with the shock absorption vital for hitters.

They’re the versatile choice for those who need the best of both worlds on the volleyball court.

In this guide, I’ll share the secrets to finding the best volleyball shoes for setters.

So, catch every word and stay with me until the end for the ultimate insights.

Comprehensive Reviews of Volleyball Shoes for Setters

Now, you’re probably eager to explore the in-depth reviews of each setter’s shoe.

I recommend taking time with each to find the perfect match for your needs.

So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

Best Overall
ASICS Upcourt 5 for volleyball setters

The ASICS Upcourt 5 is the best option for setters due to its breathable mesh and outstanding grip, which are thoughtfully designed for agile lateral movements.

1) Best Overall: ASICS Upcourt 5

The ASICS Upcourt 5 is a top-notch choice for volleyball enthusiasts, and its features truly set it apart.

I’ve listed it as the #1 pick for setters primarily because of its exceptional grip and traction, thanks to the herringbone pattern on its outsole.

This shoe boasts ASICS’ iconic breathable mesh, ensuring your feet stay relaxed and comfortable during those lengthy volleyball matches.

What’s more?

I’m a huge fan of its classy design, with the black variant being my personal favorite.

ASICS Upcourt 5 for volleyball setters Featured Image

You might recall that I previously recommended it as a budget-friendly option for hitters.

So, if you’re a setter who often finds themselves in the front-row action, these shoes are tailor-made for you.

The reason is its spot-on cushioning, guaranteeing a trouble-free experience during lateral movements and vertical jumps.

For setters dealing with joint pain, you’ll find comfort in its GEL cushioning technology, which offers the utmost support.

What I Like?

  • Value for the money.
  • Unbeatable Grip and Stability.
  • Extra Strength in the toe and heel area.
  • Flexible and lightweight design.

What I Don’t Like?

  • A slight reduction in cushioning
  • Snug at first, comfortable over time

Final Verdict: It’s an ideal choice for front-row and back-row setters looking for lightweight shoes with excellent grip, breathable mesh, and support for swift lateral movements.

Runner Up
Nike React Hyperset for volleyball setters

The Nike React Hyperset is a suitable option for setters looking for a trendy and attractive design with added traction, stability, and ankle protection support.

2) Runner Up: Nike React Hyperset

If you’re a setter searching for volleyball shoes with excellent traction, your ultimate choice should be the Nike React Hyperset.

It might have started as a basketball shoe, but Nike later reimagined it as a volleyball shoe.

It earns a well-deserved runner-up spot on my list due to its premium appearance and exceptional support for those lateral movements.

With these shoes, there’s no compromise on comfort and shock absorption.

They are my personal favorite for both front-row and back-row setters. 

The fitting is snug, providing a one-to-one fit that feels just right.

Its unique tread pattern offers excellent grip and support during lateral moves on the court.

Nike React Hyperset for volleyball setters featured image

Unlike typical volleyball shoes with thinner soles, these have a more prominent sole, providing extra cushioning and protection.

The mid-top design provides added protection for your ankles, reducing the risk of injuries.

The upper mesh allows your feet to breathe, keeping them cool throughout the match.

If you have wider feet, consider going for at least a size 10 or 11 for the best fit.

It will ensure your comfort and domination on the court.

What I Like?

  • Exceptional cushioning with excellent shock absorption.
  • The upper mesh of the shoes keeps the feet cool during the match.
  • Rubber outsole helps with the stiffness.

What I Don’t Like?

  • They are relatively more expensive than other volleyball shoes.
  • It takes time to break in.

Final Verdict: It’s the perfect choice for setters who prioritize premium style and are willing to invest in volleyball shoes with a thicker sole. Regarding traction and lateral stability, rest assured it won’t let you down!

Best Budget
ASICS Gel-Furtherup for volleyball setters

It is an excellent choice for setters who prefer light weightiness, shock absorption, breathability, and enhanced traction in their shoes.

3) Best Budget: ASICS Gel-Furtherup

The ASICS Gel-Furtherup stands as number #3 in my recommended shoe list for the setters.

The reason I have put another ASICS model on the list is because of its quality and budget-friendliness.

If you look closely, ASICS has rebranded Gel Rocket 9 and created new shoes as Gel-Furtherup.

So, if you previously used the Gel Rocket 9, this is a solid upgrade for you, as the fabrics are better than it.

These shoes are easy to break in, and you will feel comfortable after 1-2 matches.

ASICS Gel-Furtherup for volleyball setters featured image

One standout feature is the Trusstic technology.

It’s like your secret weapon for stability.

It stops those annoying shoe twists and turns.

Trusstic isn’t some mysterious word.

It’s a resin in the shoe’s midsole that brings more support to your lateral moves and makes the shoe lighter.

Now, let’s talk about cushioning; it’s fantastic.

You need that shock absorption as a setter, and the Gel-Furtherup delivers.

It’s like having a cushioned safety net for your feet.

Moreover, it is lightweight, offers breathability, and has a gum rubber outsole for enhanced traction.

In short, if you’re a volleyball setter, the ASICS Gel-Furtherup is worth a look!

What I Like?

  • Unbeatable Value for Your Money
  • Exceptional Grip with the Rubber Outsole
  • Top-notch cushioning for Shock Absorption

What I Don’t Like?

  • Slightly uncomfortable for the setters with wide feet

Final Verdict: For setters seeking an upgrade from the Gel Rocket 9, the Gel-Furtherup is a top pick. Its outstanding grip and lateral stability support make it a solid choice for back-row setters.

Also Great
Adidas Crazyflight Mid for volleyball setters

This shoe combines trendy style with a featherlight feel. Its grip and shock absorption are top-notch, making it a fantastic choice for setters.

4) Also Great: Adidas Crazyflight Mid

The Adidas Crazy Midflight shoes are a stylish choice for setters who love funky designs while excelling on the court.

They are lightweight and stretchy, offering a snug fit for your comfort.

What’s cool about the Crazy Midflight is its famous Adidas BOOST midsole.

This technology provides soft cushioning and ensures smoother landings after jumps.

Adidas Crazyflight Mid for volleyball setters featured image

For added durability, you’ll notice a leather toe cap at the front of the shoes, guarding against wear and tear, especially in the toe area.

I am a fan of the outsole of the Adidas Midflight shoes because they give excellent grip and support when you need to move sideways.

What I Like?

  • Stylish and appealing design
  • True-to-size fit
  • Outstanding shock absorption

What I Don’t Like?

  • Not suitable for setters with wide feet
  • Initially, you might experience some discomfort at the back of the heel, but it tends to improve over time.

Final Verdict: The Adidas Crazyflight Mid is a decent option for setters who prefer funky designs with enhanced durability and better lateral stability.

Worth Considering
Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 for volleyball setters

It is a durable option for setters looking for volleyball shoes with ankle support, flexibility, and breathability.

5) Worth Considering: Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 is an excellent choice for volleyball setters.

The credit goes to its remarkable blend of flexibility, outstanding shock absorption, and impressive durability.

If you’re already using Mizuno’s volleyball-specific shoes, you’ll love the consistent lightning-speed effect and the soft uppersole that these shoes deliver.

One notable feature is the slightly higher back of the Wave Lightning Z4.

The design of these shoes assists with rolling movements and prevents your feet from twisting during side-to-side actions.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 for volleyball setters featured image

These shoes feature AIRmesh, which keeps feet cool and comfortable.

So, no need to worry about overheating during intense sets.

In terms of fit, these shoes are true to size, and the centralized lace-up closure makes it a relief to achieve that perfect fit.

When it comes to cushioning and stability, these shoes hit the mark.

You won’t experience discomfort or pain in your feet or ankles, even after those demanding landings.

What I Like?

  • The rubber wrap in the toebox provides extra durability.
  • Reliable for preventing ankle twisting issues
  • Remarkable lateral movements support

What I Don’t Like?

  • The shoes don’t provide the best traction due to their taller design.

Final Verdict: Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 is the top pick for setters, especially those in the front row who want flexibility, durability, and outstanding performance. These shoes keep you moving swiftly while also keeping you cool and comfortable.

What Setters Should Look For When Buying Volleyball Shoes?

As a volleyball setter, selecting the perfect shoes is super important for your performance on the court.

Remember that your shoe preference can vary depending on whether you primarily play as a back-row setter, front-row setter, or switch roles.

To make your decision easier, I’ve compiled a list of essential factors to consider when purchasing your next pair of volleyball shoes.

By the way, if you’re considering using tennis shoes for volleyball, I’ve got a whole post about it.

1) Lateral Support

Lateral support is all about maintaining stability during rapid side-to-side movements.

It is a crucial aspect, particularly for back-row setters.

Volleyball shoes that excel in lateral support ensure you can swiftly change direction without the fear of rolling your ankle.

Furthermore, solid traction is a must.

You want shoes with outstanding grip on the court, allowing you to push off confidently without slips.

Some volleyball-specific shoes, like the Nike React Hyperset, even feature a unique tread pattern for extra traction.

It’s an intelligent choice to opt for such footwear as a setter.

2) Cushioning

As a setter, you want to focus on your plays, not discomfort or potential injuries.

So, always choose volleyball shoes with decent cushioning, particularly in the midsole.

It helps with shock absorption from those intense jumps and landings.

Ankle support is equally critical.

While you may not be making towering jumps like front-row players, having proper ankle support reduces the risk of sprains and injuries.

Some shoes, like Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4, offer extra padding or ankle straps for added security.

3) Lightweight Design

As a coach, I recommend all the back-row players in my team to choose lightweight shoes.

The reason is that they allow you to move quickly and be agile on the court.

As a setter, this should also be your top-most priority.

A lighter shoe won’t weigh you down and lets you easily make those precise sets.

One of the main reasons I listed ASICS Upcourt 5 as #1 is its lightweight design.

Also, don’t forget the design preference when choosing your shoes.

Some setters prefer low-top designs, which offer more freedom for ankle movement.

Others go for mid-top shoes, which provide additional ankle support.

So, take your time in choosing the shoes that suit your style and comfort.

Are you thinking about taking those volleyball shoes for a jog?

No worries, I’ve got a guide explaining whether volleyball shoes are good for running.

4) Breathability

Lastly, pay attention to breathability.

Volleyball can be intense, and your feet can get hot and sweaty during a match.

Shoes with breathable materials, like mesh uppers, help keep your feet cool and dry.

They also enhance your overall comfort and performance.

Regarding breathability, ASICS Men’s Gel-Furtherup is a decent option to consider.


Finding the perfect volleyball shoes as a setter can be tricky.

You’re looking for shoes that match your agility on the court while protecting you from those hard landings.

In my list of top recommendations, you’ll discover gems like the ASICS Upcourt 5.

It’s a versatile choice that caters to all your setter requirements.

The best part?

It’s budget-friendly, too.

Remember, your performance on the court relies on those feet.

So choose wisely, stay agile, and make every set count.

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